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Hello, I'm Laura Wahl

I created Launch Dance Center to give individuals a creative outlet to demonstrate and practice their passion for dance. I love the relationship that I have with my students, and I love feeling like they’re my own kids. I have a genuine interest in their own lives and successes. I love that I get to involve my own passion for dance into my everyday career, and share that passion with the next generation. It’s truly unbelievable that my dream has come true. 

my story

I knew from a young age that dance would always be a part of my life, and it became a top priority for me that led me to some fantastic opportunities and experiences. I grew up competing as a dancer, and wanted the feeling; joyous and free, to be something I could always experience by being a part of the performing arts world. During my high school years and thereafter, I was introduced to what it was like to be a teacher, and seeing students feel the same way I did about dance. The most rewarding feeling is recognizing a student's struggle, and then celebrating the triumph when they master a challenge they've been working on.

Through growing up as a dancer, continuing on to get my bachelor’s degree in dance, and then years later going back to school for Arts & Entertainment management, I feel like I’ve gotten to immerse myself in all sides of the industry. I’ve worked in studios in both the USA and Canada, and been around a very competitive based studio, and a performance based studio. I think picking up values and ideas along the way has given me the confidence and molding to make Launch Dance Center a safe place for kids to feel like they belong, and to share their passion of dance. 

The families have been the best and most rewarding part of my first year. I do feel like I’ve really created a family at the studio, and given new opportunities to these kids. The previous owner was more ballet focussed, and that created a really strong base for my studio, but because I came from a competitive and more commercial world, I am able to bring those styles and opportunities into Launch Dance Center. I want my students to feel supported, encouraged, and special. I love the relationships I have with all of them, and by far has been the highlight and reason for what I do. Sometimes that takes patience, as there are lots of personalities. I feel fortunate that the transition has been really smooth, and lots of people have been receptive to what I do. I think a piece of advice in my particular situation would be to stick to your gut. The experiences that I’ve had in my life gave me a really strong idea of what I wanted to bring to a studio, and I was overthinking about pleasing the current clientele, and sometimes doubted my own vision. Time and time again, my choices were well received - and I should have never doubted myself and I’m glad I stayed true to who I was, and how I want to run my studio. 

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