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studio rental

Launch Dance Center is equipped with a front counter, waiting area, vending machine, microwave, mini fridge, and 2 private washrooms for your use. Equipment available: Folding Pilates reformer, matts, and other related Pilates/Yoga equipment, as well as multiple portable Ballet barres in all studios. We have 5 exits, full mirrors in each studio, mirror curtains, large windows, private entrances in each studio and plenty of free parking. All 3 studios are generally available Monday - Friday from 8:30AM - 3:30PM with limited availability on the weekends.  Please be sure to call ahead to reserve your space.  Conveniently located on Aviation Blvd, close to Artesia.

Studio A is the largest of our 3 studios measuring approximately 1360 sq. ft.  Equipped with marley covered, sprung wooden dance floors.

Studio A
Studio A 2
Studio A 3

Studio B is our 2nd largest studio, measuring approximately 750 sq. ft.  Also equipped with marley covered, sprung wooden dance floors.

Studio B
Studio B2
Studio B3

Studio C is the smallest of our 3 studios measuring 315 sq. ft.  (15' x 21') Studio C is also equipped with marley covered sprung wooden flooring as well as 1 folding Pilates reformer, matts and related yoga equipment.  Ideal for private lessons, small group children's lessons, interviews, single auditions, warm ups, etc.

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