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Small class sizes and personalized instruction will keep your child wanting to come back every week.


Through fun and engaging instruction, students will develop their balance, coordination, and creativity.  These classes have the perfect balance of structure and fun.

Primary A, B and C have the choice to participate in our annual winter production of The Nutcracker in December as well as our spring production in June (additional cost will be

  • Preschool Ages 3-4

  • Primary A Ages 4-5

  • Primary B Ages 5-6

  • Primary C Ages 6-7

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At Launch Dance Center our teachers implement instruction that is designed to produce dancers with both expressiveness and clear classical technique. Each level is created to be age-appropriate, building upon prior learning and preparing them for the next advancement. Proper technique, strength, stamina, and natural facility are required to start on pointe, with approval from the faculty.


Students are placed into a specific level by their ability & technique. Placement auditions are held in June and September. New students can take a trial placement class arranged through the front office, to determine their level. All Academy students are required to take the minimum number of ballet classes per week in their level. In today's world, dancers should be well rounded in all disciplines of dance. We highly recommend all dancers to explore other styles of dance.


This division was created to enhance the development and training of our dedicated dancers. All company members are selected by our director and will be invited to join the appropriate level. Within this division, the teachers will focus on refining technique, strengthening dancers, and creating well rounded artists. We hold company dancers to a higher standard of professionalism and will teach them the right etiquette, work ethic and expected responsibilities.


This division is perfect for dancers who have a passion for dance beyond the studio. With the guidance of their teachers, dancers will get the proper training to transition into the professional world of dance. Company dancers have the opportunity to partake in our two annual performances a year: The Nutcracker and Spring Production.

Three levels comprise the Company Division:

  • Junior Company

  • Apprentice Company

  • Senior Company

Additional fees and rehearsals are applicable.



The company provides dancers more opportunities to be on stage and utilize our competitions as performance platforms to improve artistry and technique.

Performance company requires a high level of commitment for both the dancers and the parents. All members will perform in our annual Nutcracker, winter showcase, and spring production. Additionally, dancers will compete in regional competitions, participate in conventions, and
perform at various community events.


Dancers who chose to do Independent PE program at their school are required to take performance company to fulfill their credit requirements. This means, these dancers must participate in the above performances along with meeting the below requirements.

  • Competitions – October to MayCommitment to the entire competition season. Including all classes, performances, and possible extra rehearsals

  • Take a minimum of five classes per week: three academy ballet classes, the style in which they chose to compete in and the competition class.

    • Ex: Ballet 5/6 (x3), Int/Adv Lyrical & Performance Company Lyrical

  • Dancers are encouraged to train in as many additional styles of dance as they can.

Additional cost is applicable for class, competitions, and conventions. Please contact the office for
information! This is a great opportunity for dancers to take their training to the next level and be part of a team!

Youth Tap Dance Rehearsal


Our recreational program offers students a variety of dance styles to choose from. We thrive on providing a positive, encouraging, and creative environment to learn, grow and make lifelong friends!


This program allows students to try different styles of dance with the least amount of commitment, all while getting the highest level of training. 

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