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what we offer

Small class sizes and personalized instruction will keep your child wanting to come back every week.


Through fun and engaging instruction, students will develop their balance, coordination, and creativity.  These classes have the perfect balance of structure and fun.

Primary A, B and C have the choice to participate in our annual winter production of The Nutcracker in December as well as our spring production in June (additional cost will be

  • Preschool Ages 3-4

  • Primary A Ages 4-5

  • Primary B Ages 5-6

  • Primary C Ages 6-7

classes offered

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Combination classes allow
students at this young age, the
opportunity to experience both
styles in one class. Later, they
can branch off to take
individual classes of each

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Ballet acts as the foundation to
most other forms of dance.
During the ballet portion of the
class, we will emphasize on
technique and proper body
alignment. Ballet helps with grace, flexibility, strength, coordination, musicality and much more. Ballet terminology will also be taught which is interchangeable to all  other genres of dance.

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Tap shoes are fitted with heel &
toe taps to produce sounds and
percussion with your feet. The
tap dancing portion of this class
will focus on rhythm, musicality,
coordination, and style. This
class will help in all other dance
forms as well as helping to have
a keener ear for music.

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Originating from the streets,

Hip Hop is a fast paced, high-
energy class that combines the

different styles of street dance.
Commonly seen in music
videos and concerts, Hip Hop
encourages students to create
their own styles and swag. The
hip hop portion of this class
encourages students to step
out of their comfort zone by
building confidence in every

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Our jazz classes offer dynamic
choreography and technique,
intertwined with creative
lesson plans and a fun
environment. This class is a
faster paced class where
“today’s music” is often what
our students dance to. Jazz
focuses on musicality and style
as much as technique, to create
a well stylized dancer. Jazz
helps improve flexibility,
strength, and the ability to pick
up choreography.

dress code


*Classic pink tights, Revolution leather ballet slippers, Revolution black buckle tap shoes

Preschool - Any color leotard with skirt

Primary A - Light Lavender leotard with skirt

Primary B - Light Blue leotard with skirt

Primary C - Light Pink leotard with skirt


*Athletic clothes/leotard and shorts - two inch inseam minimum, tights optional*

Tan leather slip-on style jazz shoes

Sneakers for hip hop

**All skirted leotards, tights, ballet shoes, tap shoes, jazz shoes, ballet sweaters, and hair accessories are available for purchase at the office.**

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